AMoT Expansion – Castle Panic – The Wizard’s Tower

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AMoT Expansion - Castle Panic - The Wizard's Tower

When it comes to writing blurbs for our podcast episodes sometimes the muse graces us with whimsical descriptive powers and other times… well… Today I thought I would get a little more technical. Some clever person over on Board Game Geek created a poll on how much expansions improve or harm the base game and ‘abracadabra’ (that felt appropriate seeing as how we are taking about wizards) the 50 best game expansions of all time were identified. The Wizards Tower is the most popular expansion for Castle Panic and is also ranked 12 on the list of best game expansions with 80% of voters considering it an excellent expansion. Listen in to hear how it changes the base game and what we think of this expansion in the latest episode of All Mana of Things.

Board Game Geek – Castle Panic – The Wizard’s Tower


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