AMoT Ramble – Abstract Games

All Mana of Things: A Board Game Podcast
All Mana of Things: A Board Game Podcast
AMoT Ramble - Abstract Games

Dear Abstract Games,

We would like to apologise for all the bad things we said about you in the past. We once believed games could only be truly engaging with a fun theme that would assist in the game play. We were misguided. We did not yet understand the intricacies of games that are simple to explain and play yet involve many crunchy decisions that make them so soo good. We have come to value your style and look forward to may more gaming encounters with you.

Your sincerely,

Shondelle and Peter

P.S. If it helps, I think we may have mentioned more different games in this podcast than any others in the past. Because it was so difficult to decide which to talk about we went to the extreme of just listing some!


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