AMoT Review – Burgle Bros

All Mana of Things: A Board Game Podcast
All Mana of Things: A Board Game Podcast
AMoT Review - Burgle Bros

You are part of an elite group of burglars that are recruited for an impossible task. Crack three safes and steal the contents then make your getaway via the roof without being caught by the security guards. Join us as we discuss this retro themed co-op game.

Included are a few audio grabs from movies that match the slick theme of this game in case you want to end your board game night with a show and need some ideas.

The audio grabs in this episode are from:

  • Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
  • Bottle Rocket (1996)
  • Tower Hiest (2011)
  • The Incredibles (2004)

Board Game Geek – Burgle Bros


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